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Lisa & Jeff | Whitecourt Wedding Photographer

I met Lisa a while back at the local bridal fair. She knew what she wanted photographed and where she wanted it done. Her wedding was held in Fort Assiniboine, a small town about an hour away from me. I have never photographed there and was looking forward to something new and broadening my horizons. The moment I pulled up to her ceremony I was amazed. Her seating area for the ceremony was bales of straw covered in burlap and stumps with mason jars of flowers to line the isle. It was so simple but it was beautiful.

After the ceremony, which was held on the grooms Uncle’s land, we hopped in their truck and drove around looking for their cows! I was glad I didn’t have to drive my little car through the area we went to, I didn’t think it would make it! I was a little hesitant to go near the cows because I had never been that close to any and was scared they would come after me 😛 During this whole ordeal we were dealing with grasshoppers!! Those little guys kept crawling up her dress and I felt so bad for her!

Despite dealing with the heat and the grasshoppers, Lisa and Jeff didn’t let a single thing get between them and their special day! It was such a pleasure to be apart of their day and to capture their special moments! Here are some of my favorites!